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June 05, 2004

Why bother?

As a woman who has been through counseling for food issues and turned significant corners in that domain but of course still struggles from time to time, I present to you some body image thoughts:

  • Why do I bother standing in front of the mirror staring at myself sideways? Like it's going to change anything. It's a distorted view from there anyway.
  • Why do I bother stealing glances of myself in store windows as I walk by? That is so vain. And again, it's not going to change anything. Let things be how they are. If anyone does it, let it be others who praise you and not your own lips/thoughts.*
  • Women really do change shape throughout the month depending on the stage in their cycle. Expect to feel fatter right before your period. And think - oh, it's just this yucky time of month. Don't even think about it for another few days. Take a prescription of Grace, cover yourself with it, immerse yourself in it.
  • Whatever shape you are, that's the shape you are (for now anyway). Why pretend otherwise? Just be who you are, the best you can be today. It's not about the outside, really.**
  • My husband seems to think I am just right. And just right for him (God Bless David). Well, there you have it - all I ever needed to know about that. I'll let him look at me instead of looking at myself. I am a cherished woman. Let's get on with Life.

* credit for this idea goes to Proverbs 27:2
** credit for this idea goes to 1 Samuel 16:7

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Thanks for sharing these truths and thanks for your honesty, Katherine. I too have some of the same struggles. We women, I believe, are often more critical and harder on ourselves than the men who love us are. As I wrote in a post in the past month, who do we do it for? Silly and foolish. But I still succumb to it. Thanks for reminding me of the truth! There's only One who doesn't give us a distorted view - we should use Him as our mirror :-)

Posted by: Julie | Jun 6, 2004 12:51:37 AM

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