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October 26, 2004

My 100 Reasons Not to Blog

Okay, after telling you about Jeffy's list the other day, I only had time to come up with one reason. Then Jeffy said he would "release the idea into the public domain", and David was out late at a conference, so I had time to come up with my own 100 Reasons Not to Blog:

1. do the laundry
2. empty the dishwasher
3. load the dishwasher
4. clear off the school table of today’s materials
5. set out tomorrow’s school stuff
6. sing a good night song to my daughter
7. find out who the mysteriously mailed birthday package for our son was from
8. prune the garden (maybe not in the dark)
9. explain Tog’s article to my son who wanted to know why I was laughing at my laptop
10. catch up on my Bible reading
11. pour out my heart to God
12. read a Ted Dekker novel
13. read email
14. iron the 63 garments lounging on our bedroom chair
15. recaulk the bathtub
16. scrape the squished lemon off the driveway
17. play tennis
18. go swimming
19. go for a jog
20. get more knee surgery after the jog
21. take a hike
22. take a walk
23. get any exercise of any form
24. persuade any other adult members of my household to get some exercise
25. figure out a way to eliminate my husband’s and daughter’s cat allergies
26. forget about cats
27. dream about cats
28. pet a cat when no one is looking and then take a shower
29. dream about David
30. kiss David
31. hug David
32. write email to David
33. write a real postcard to David
34. call David
35. figure out how to apply make-up in case I decide I want to use it someday
36. read news
37. read the history chapters my 5th grader will be reading this week
38. teach art
39. teach science
40. teach history
41. teach music
42. supervise piano practice
43. supervise clarinet practice
44. teach math
45. teach literature
46. teach spelling
47. teach composition
48. teach vocabulary
49. take kids to chess class
50. take daughter to ballet
51. take son to band
52. take kids to drama
53. dust out the garage
54. get rid of clothes I haven’t worn in three years
55. get bigger warm clothes for my kids so they don’t have to go naked this winter
56. give my daugher a bath
57. make sure my son takes a shower
58. find the missing piece of ruler
59. learn to rollerblade
60. ride a tandem bike with my beloved
61. plan some tasty meals
62. shop for some tasty meals
63. cook some tasty meals
64. eat some tasty meals
65. converse with my family
66. clean up after some tasty meals
67. do a crossword puzzle and think of my dad who used to love them
68. play backgammon
69. sleep
70. sleep some more
71. take kids to gymnastics
72. take kids to park
73. take kids to French class
74. floss teeth
75. think deep thoughts about life
76. put books on amazon wishlist
77. get son to write thank you notes for birthday gifts
78. get car tires aligned with program I was suckered into paying for six months ago
79. return books to library
80. take digital photos of our wedding photos so they’ll last longer
81. feed David peeled grapes
82. massage David’s feet
83. my blog’s not as well-written as Julie’s
84. my blog’s not as honest and heart-felt as Wink’s
85. my blog’s not as original as Jeffy’s
86. my blog’s not as deep and thoughtful as Mark’s
87. my blog’s not as cool-techie as Ted’s
88. my blog’s not as specialized and knowledgeable as Enoch’s
89. my blog’s not as bold and passionate as Tania’s
90. I’m a bit self-conscious and self-deprecating and have an inferiority complex and why should I display that to everyone?
91. no one wants to read whining
92. take a shower
93. get the couch reupholstered
94. clip kids’ nails
95. clip my nails
96. ask neighbors if they want their nails clipped since I’ve already done 60 of them
97. look at the moon
98. smell the vanilla-scented trumpet vine
99. call my mom who’s 3,000 miles away from me
100. and the real reason: time to get in the bed with David!

* * *
In addition, here are my Top 21 that I identified with from Jeffy's list. Wanted to make it Top Twenty, but couldn't eliminate any of these:

2. reading blogs
8. didn't take a picture
10. nice outside
12. too far behind
19. my blogging isn't as interesting as other people's
20. people might read it and see what a dork I am
23. nobody reads it anyway
24. yeah, okay, three people
25. they probably should be doing other things too
33. might embarrass my family
47. what have i got to prove?
58. if i did it today they'd expect it every day
60. some psycho might deduce where i live and steal all my good stuff
65. might accidentally give away how self-absorbed i am
66. could use up all my allotment of good ideas
82. not enough time before I have to leave the house
84. no one will leave any comments
85. should I really be displaying my neuroses for all the world to see?
88. Carpal Tunnel
90. I'm late
91. preview templates in moveable type don't look anything like the final version

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Hee hee. Thanks for sharing. You have a lot more worthy reasons than I do ;-) Your 21 picked from mine are very interesting and help me understand why that post of mine was so popular (the most popular post I've ever put on my blog is a post about not blogging ;-)

You got some I forgot like #15, #61-66.

#s 14, 16, 24, 81, and 96 cracked me up.

Do #97 tomorrow night! (http://www.spaceref.com/news/viewpr.html?pid=15351)

My condolences on the kitty allergies. You can come pet our kitties any time.

Posted by: jeffy | Oct 27, 2004 1:15:27 AM

Thanks for the great comment! And for the moon url, which was wonderful to learn about. I'm going to stick a Post-It note on the wall to remind me to look then (with my family). Our bedroom window looks East and is on the second floor, so that should be a good spot from which to observe.

Posted by: Katherine | Oct 27, 2004 2:25:54 AM

all great reasons...

but #83-89 are terrible reasons not to blog, the diversity of our writing is what makes it so compelling...

Posted by: enoch choi | Oct 27, 2004 5:48:04 PM

You're right, of course, Enoch. Thanks for the support!

Posted by: Katherine | Oct 27, 2004 6:33:48 PM

I agree with enoch! I want to read *your* blog because it is yours, not anyone else's. :-)

By the way, there has been some news about possible hypo-allergenic cats...


I like your list!

Posted by: Julie | Nov 1, 2004 6:47:05 AM