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March 05, 2005

No one's holding it up

In a novocaine-induced, post-dental-appointment exercise in listing to myself all my little woes (wait, isn't that supposed to be "count your blessings?"), for various reasons my mind came up with the phrase "people are holding up my future." Immediately a bright crimson flag began waving in my head, declaring that something wasn't quite right about that idea. It didn't ring true. In fact, it's impossible. God's in charge of my future, and He's got it firmly and purposefully in His hands. It's not really available to others to "delay" or "mess up" except as He allows, in His wisdom and goodness. There's nothing to worry about.

I'm right where I'm supposed to be right now. I keep hearing this message from God. It's like the refrain in the song He's singing over my life. Sometimes I try to change the tune or skip a verse, but He faithfully keeps singing it as He's written it for me, gently reminding me after each stanza that He's running things and I'm in the care of a Professional.

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What a lovely expression of a constant struggle for me! Maybe if I'd just quiet that voice inside my head that's always chanting my agenda, I'd be able to hear his beautiful music.

Posted by: Lori | Mar 7, 2005 4:38:02 AM

When I was told at the St. Maarten's airport that I would never make my connection from Charlotte, NC to Charlottesville, VA in order to get home Saturday night, I was quite upset for a moment or three. Then, I pondered, if the Lord has something for me to do in Charlotte, I suppose that's alright with me. Submission is not natural to my spirit, I am thinking, but I am learning. Turned out that the next flight was also delayed, and I made it home to my sweetie by midnight. Flowers and a love note awaited me at home :-)

Posted by: Patricia Taylor | Mar 8, 2005 4:58:22 PM

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