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August 29, 2005

Towards a Good Marriage

Having been ecstatically married for 12 years, I thought about marriage in preparation for a cousin's bridal shower, and here's what I came up with to focus on in the quest for a good marriage. Of course, my first recommendation for happiness would be to marry MY husband, but he's already taken, so that doesn't help much.

The first section spells MARRIAGE down the left side, but don't try to make sense of the rest!

* * *

Marriage (it's one heck of a ride)
Always (yup)
Revelation (show yourself; see your spouse)
Rigorous (it's hard, sweaty work)
Interesting (always something new to work on)
Apologizing (a common need)
Generosity (give yourself lock stock and barrel)
Excellence (be a student of your spouse; get A's)

Bowing (show respect)
Yielding (you go first, my love)
Listening (really, for things you haven't heard before)
Loving (this covers all: what is best for my spouse? I'll do that)
Learning (you're never done with this)
Growing (together)
Submission (mutual)
Humility (swallow the need to be right; or rather spit it out)
Forgiveness (let it go; move on)
Waiting (change isn't usually instantaneous, if it ever comes)
Praying (for yourself, for your spouse, for your marriage, for your lives)
Leaning on God, drawing strength from Him (your own won't do)
Refraining from harmful words (clap hand over mouth)
Thinking (before speaking and acting)
Taking things back (oops, my mistake)
Patience (I'll be here, waiting for as long as it takes)
Devotion (I am for you)
Singleheartedness (it's all yours, my love)
Honesty (this is what I really think)
Communication (what's really going on with you?)
Inquiry (how has my spouse changed lately?)
Planning (how are we going to nurture our marriage, intentionally?)
Perseverance (we are going to make this work despite obstacles)
Keeping promises until death (even when it hurts)
No alternative (this is it because I said so, and in front of witnesses, too)
Stamina (pace yourself)
Creativity (what could we do to resolve this?)
Openness (yes)
Welcoming (no withdrawal)
Depth (dig underneath to reveal what's down there in yourself)
Honoring (this is the most important person on the planet; gasp, wow, I'm in your presence!)
Hard times faced together (expect them to come)
Drop all for each other (I'm your partner in all)
First priority (nothing else before your spouse; not you, your wishes, your family, your job, your hobbies, the phone, money, sleep...)
Contentedness (what you've got is what you chose)

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What wisdom i think i'll chew on this for a while.

Posted by: tania choi | Aug 30, 2005 7:19:24 PM

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