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April 05, 2006

Map Games Locator

This post contains no new material. It is for my own use, so I can find these games more easily when I want to, which is fairly often. I am a geography lover. Feel free to look, though! Or have your kids do so if you want them to know where more places are. To replace some education not happening in the public school this week, I had my kids do a few.

* North Africa + Middle East (drag & drop map game, with the best UI of any I've seen, including instant feedback on your placements)

* Europe & the U.S. (All kinds of quizzes available in four languages, with tons of links and general knowledge as well as geography)

* The departments of France (Drag them all onto the map. This is practically impossible; well, okay, it takes a REALLY long time. But it feels like a good challenge. Semicolon, maybe your daughter can spend her time practicing this until her classes start up again...)

* Whole World (drag & drop, good UI)

* Countries and Capitals (multiple choice quizzes, with maps)

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Sweet Eldest Daughter now has two weeks off for Easter (or spring) break, even though they haven't re-opened the Sorbonne anyway, so she's headed for L'Abri in Switzerland. I'm officially jealous.

Thanks for the links to the map games. We're going to be studying world geography next year, I think. SO I'll bookmark some of these.

Posted by: Sherry | Apr 9, 2006 1:54:30 AM

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