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February 08, 2009

2008 Christmas Stamp Collage

2008StampCollageN Here is this year's collage made from stamps off of mail we received in December (some Christmassy ones, some regular). Each year I add another letter to a sentence. This year I finished the 4th word out of 7, after 16 years of work :-) I started this project the year we married, and I'm due to be finished around January 2021 should I be given that much time.

You can see all the previous collages up close here:
1993 - 1997 (J E S U S)
1998-1999 (I S)
2000-2002 (T H E)
2003-2004 (R E)
2005 (A)
2006 (S)
2007 (O)

You can click on each photo to see a closer-up view of each stamp. Most are American, with a good sprinkling from Germany, Switzerland, France, the United Kingdom, and maybe a couple of other countries over the years.

The first 12 years of collages are lumped together in group posts on here because after that is when I started blogging, and posting a photo each year.

StampCollageFirst16yearsHere's the current collection all together. It's a very slow way to speak, taking six years for the most recent word... but I do believe He is the reason for every season.

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