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June 08, 2010

Renewed B Permit for 2010-2011

Thankful we are, that our renewed B Permit cards arrived in the mail recently. In German, "Aufenthaltstitel." The Gemeinde (village hall) were kind enough to let us keep our old ones until we were in possession of the new ones, in case of travel (we need them in order to reenter Switzerland without a return ticket). So today, I went back to see the nice official ladies, to surrender the cards expiring next month. The woman serving me asked me something in German, and I understood it the second time around: would I like to keep them as a souvenir? (Als Errinerung) Oh yes, please! Cool. So she took a regular holepunch and made two round holes in each card, and handed them back to me. Well, I could have done that at home! Anyway, great. Thank You, God, for a third year ahead in this fine country.

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