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September 21, 2010

David got a new camera

Since we plan to go on a safari in South Africa next month and see all kinds of interesting animals in the wild, David picked up a new camera while on his latest business trip to the USA. When I say a camera, I mean, it's a big old thing with the long lens going and everything. We've been the little pocket kind of camera people until now. Well, I still am. But I have to say I had a lot of fun making his camera go click-click on the weekend (as did he).

The neighbourhood cat, Cub:

Cub pretends my hand is tasty.



In our garden:



Delicious raspberries in the side yard:



Jason catches a tall Frisbee shot on a nearby apartment green, perfect for chucking flying discs:

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September 05, 2010

Twelfth and Seventh Grade Have Launched

Well, well. What a full month it has been. 

Jason's summer internship was instructive and mostly interesting, and then he started his Senior Year in high school. Goodness. He's been asked to play drums with another independent school band; to help start up a high school newspaper; and to sing the part of Marius in Les Misérables in December (5 shows; semi-weekly rehearsals started this week already). This in in the midst of AP Calculus BC, AP American History, AP English Language, AP Physics, and German IV. P.E. is a welcome relief in his schedule!

Emily successfully transferred to her new school (the middle school that goes with Jason's high school, a few minutes away), and started up Seventh Grade. She already knew a lot of people, whether from her community drama class, from her old school, or via the Moms in Touch prayer group. She has signed up for improv drama as an after-school activity, and will either do recreational swimming and another drama class, or possibly land a role in Jason's high school play as "Young Cosette" or "Young Eponine." They've exceptionally opened up the audition to middle schoolers for those roles. Emily's got some great teachers and is getting along well. I am very thankful for God's grace in this.

David is on a men's retreat with our local church this weekend, in St. Moritz in the Engadin valley, where he got to golf a little, hike, and who knows what else. I'll find out when he gets home this evening. I'm so happy he gets to spend time with other men who cherish the Bible, live by prayer, and seek God's wisdom and fellowship.

I've been swamped with school-year-startup work, organizing various activities (moms' prayer group, ladies' Bible study), training a rotating team of tech people to run the OpenSong lyric display for Sunday mornings, volunteering at the high school, doing all our gardening (a new lawnmower helps!), and doing eight months of filing (ugh!). German classes continue, which I really enjoy. Weekends are a treasured downtime.

Some pale purply-pink flowers have grown to eye-level in the garden - they look a little like faded cosmos except the leaves are big and flat. 

The bees are loving the fact that our heretofore green flowers have been turning a cheery pink, and they are now feasting on this lower flowering shrub.

Our still-flourishing, now-15-leafed avocado plant grown from a pit is looking hardy.

More unidentified lovely purples:

Finally, one that I know - I adore this purple hibiscus:

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