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January 14, 2011

18th Edition of my Christmas Stamp Collages

Every year in January, I put together a stamp collage for the previous year, made with stamps from envelopes received in the mail in December (mostly Christmas cards). Each year forms one letter, and the years together are starting to spell a seasonal sentence. I started the Christmas after we got married, which was 1993. So we're up to the 18th letter in the sentence now. I'm starting to have trouble fitting it on a table... It's can also be quite dark at this time of year, making photography a bit more challenging. My dear one used his big camera for these this morning in the half-light.
The 1st letter was made in New Hampshire (J).
The 2nd one in Illinois (E).
The 3rd through 12th in California (first S up to the 2nd E).
13th in France (A).
14th & 15th in England (SO).
16th-18th in Switzerland (NFO).
The ratio of American to international stamps has changed through the years! It's a bit of a chronology of our lives together. I love living with David!

20020419-DSC_0145  20020420-DSC_0165  20020421-DSC_0167  20020422-DSC_0168

20020423-DSC_0169 20020424-DSC_0172

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