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March 28, 2011

Spring Garden Floral Goodness: Primula, Daffodil, Hellebore, Daisy


Primula Pink



Primula Cream



Primula Purple





Hellebore White



Hellebore Maroon



Hellebore Huddle



Daisy Wide Open

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March 25, 2011

While waiting on college decisions: TreasureInTheBible.com

One week until we find out Jason's options for the next four years. This is SUCH a difficult waiting time! I try my best to think about anything else but what the college admission results will be, and how long it is until we find out. We've been waiting almost 4 months now, so I can last ONE more week, I guess. 

I decided, as the pressure mounted in these last two weeks of suspense, to focus on making something concrete out of the time, both to take my mind off of something I can do nothing about, and to have something to show for this "nothing" time in terms of future plans. 

May I present my new website: TreasureInTheBible.com, where you can find Bible reading plans (ranging from one verse a day to the whole Bible in a year) and Bible Memorization Ideas (ranging from 4 verses to 66 verses per project). Pass the word to anyone who might be interested.

In conjunction with this website, I have started, for the purpose of encouragement in keeping up with the reading and memorizing, a Bible Reading Accountability Google Group, and a Bible Memorization Accountability Google Group. Also open to anyone who wishes to have support in regular pursuit of these things that can otherwise slip through our fingers in the busyness of life.

I had a lot of fun with a couple of friends memorizing one verse from each chapter of the gospel of John this month (a verse a day corresponding to the date - from John 1 on the 1st of March, up to John 21 on the 21st of March). Jesus is the most incredible person ever. He said and did the most amazing things.

So next up: memorizing a verse from each chapter of Romans and Philippians April 1-20. Join me if you like!

P.S. FAQ on the college thing: Jason applied to seven places (all in the U.S., mostly East Coast). One acceptance, one waitlist so far. I won't be putting the names of the places on this blog.

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