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September 13, 2011

Marriage Getaway

Contrary to what one would think, I have found it "harder" to leave the kids behind and get away as a couple overnight (or longer) as they have entered their teens. Why? Several reasons come to mind right away, these three the top ones:

1. They are more interesting as people now, fun to be with, good conversationalists, and I enjoy them a lot (compared to when they couldn't talk, couldn't help, had so many physical needs, etc. Don't get me wrong, they were always precious and always had lots of good traits, but a break was more obviously needed when they were babies/toddlers and so all-consuming and not responsible for their own emotions).

2. I can/could see the end coming...and now of course has come, with Jason off to college this fall. I wanted to enjoy every last minute and not give it away.

3. I didn't want the kids to miss stuff, so if we were going somewhere interesting, I wanted them to come and experience it too, as something they would remember (as opposed to visiting a place when you are four - you don't remember much).

Nonetheless, it's important to get away when one can, in an effort to preserve and protect one's marriage for the long haul until death, kids or no kids. We managed to have a lovely overnight retreat just the two of us last month. I surprised David, who didn't know we were going anywhere, never mind out to dinner, or overnight. I packed his bag and had it hiding in the trunk. Last year he was the one who planned a wonderful surprise itinerary for me in August, to Einsiedeln (ornate abbey), Brunnen (lakeside town where Winston Churchill spent his honeymoon, apparently), the Rütliwiese (legendary birthplace of Switzerland) and Mt. Pilatus (all of which apparently I didn't blog - only posted once in August last year, oh well).

This year I chose a little hotel overlooking Lake Luzern on the other side of the lake from Brunnen, in Emmetten: the Seeblick Hotel (= Lakeview in German), recommended by a friend. It was very nice, and has a Christian bookstore attached, with some lovely postcards & things (all in German of course). The name of the hotel was quite appropriate - even our car in the parking lot had a great view overnight:


The next day we went on a little hike (little because I forgot to bring good hiking shoes for David; shall have to remember that next time). Saw two funny signs -  


 (Above sign means "Watch out for bears - don't feed them - please deposit your candy here")


Then I thought the photos on this next sign were funny, as it is talking about hikers and bikers getting along with each other:



Later, we drove down the peninsula and found ourselves quite unexpectedly at a breathtaking cliff:



It turned out to be overlooking the Rütliwiese - the meadow to which we had taken a boat to on last year's date weekend. See the little green grassy patch on this side of the lake in the photo below? That's where the guys from the three territories of Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden (now Obwalden and Nidwalden) agreed to watch each other's backs in August 1291 - the beginnings of what would become the Swiss Confederacy. So fun to stumble upon this historic site and view it from another perspective. You can only get there by boat or by hiking down the cliff.



I like the Swiss flag painted on the mountainside along Lake Luzern. Can you spot it?


 David, I love you! I cherish sharing our deepest secrets only with each other until we die.

So far so good with our 18.5 years. But here are Six things  learned in six years of marriage: a great post on important things to remember in marriage, by my cousin on the other side of the sea.

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Katherine, Thanks so much for referencing my post. (And, sorry for the delayed acknowledgment! We were in Sweden when you posted.) Your photos are beautiful. I love reading about your adventures!

Posted by: Suzanne | Sep 30, 2011 4:48:23 AM

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