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February 05, 2012

One-letter URLs

Do you get any useful websites showing up when you type only one letter into your web browser URL box? I use Chrome (free download for Mac, PC, Linux...), and below are some useful things that come up automatically after I type only the first character (because I have been to these websites a lot and I guess Chrome now knows what I'm looking for):

A --> amazon.com
B --> biblegateway.com (so helpful for searching the Bible for anything)
C --> constantcontact.com (our church uses this to organize the directory of people's contact details)
D --> docs.google.com (easy-to-share-and-edit-and-keep-safe-offsite documents)
E --> ego4u.com/en/dictionary (German-English dictionary, fantastic)
F --> facebook.com
I --> images.google.com (pictures of just about anything!)
J --> jacquielawson.com (lovely, quality, artistically created, animated e-card company focusing on cute dogs and cats and beautiful flowers and such)
K --> klove.com (Christian pop music streaming online)
L --> livingbyfaithblog.com (thoughtful, practical, encouraging web log of our former pastor in California)
O --> opensong.org (free software our church uses to project song lyrics on Sundays)
P --> plus.google.com (but I use Facebook way more still, due to everyone else using it and the notification it sends me which prompt me to go look)
S --> swissenglishchurch.com (our church website)
T --> treasureinthebible.com (my site about Bible reading and memorization)
U --> ubs.com/1/e/online.html (our Swiss bank)
W --> worshipplanning.com (what our church uses to schedule the worship team and send out reminders of who is on which instrument which week)
X --> xkcd.com (possibly my husband and son's favorite techie/cerebral comic strip)
Y --> youtube.com
3 --> 30seconds.blogs.com (huh, my blog - no other numbers come up with anything)

What comes up in your browser with just one letter?

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Update of Christmas Stamp Collage - 19th Edition

For the background on this project of mine that has been 19 years in the making and still has nine years to go, see my updates for Christmas 20102009200820072006 and 2005. Those posts have links to close-ups of all the other years' editions.


This year required the letter R, completing the 5th word of the sentence, but leaving one quite definitely hanging:


Here's the most recent word:


And the whole project so far. I know you're not supposed to end a sentence with a preposition - don't worry, there are two more words coming, scheduled for completion by the year 2020.
The question is, what will I do after 2020? Maybe extend the sentence with, "and everything else." 

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