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February 05, 2012

One-letter URLs

Do you get any useful websites showing up when you type only one letter into your web browser URL box? I use Chrome (free download for Mac, PC, Linux...), and below are some useful things that come up automatically after I type only the first character (because I have been to these websites a lot and I guess Chrome now knows what I'm looking for):

A --> amazon.com
B --> biblegateway.com (so helpful for searching the Bible for anything)
C --> constantcontact.com (our church uses this to organize the directory of people's contact details)
D --> docs.google.com (easy-to-share-and-edit-and-keep-safe-offsite documents)
E --> ego4u.com/en/dictionary (German-English dictionary, fantastic)
F --> facebook.com
I --> images.google.com (pictures of just about anything!)
J --> jacquielawson.com (lovely, quality, artistically created, animated e-card company focusing on cute dogs and cats and beautiful flowers and such)
K --> klove.com (Christian pop music streaming online)
L --> livingbyfaithblog.com (thoughtful, practical, encouraging web log of our former pastor in California)
O --> opensong.org (free software our church uses to project song lyrics on Sundays)
P --> plus.google.com (but I use Facebook way more still, due to everyone else using it and the notification it sends me which prompt me to go look)
S --> swissenglishchurch.com (our church website)
T --> treasureinthebible.com (my site about Bible reading and memorization)
U --> ubs.com/1/e/online.html (our Swiss bank)
W --> worshipplanning.com (what our church uses to schedule the worship team and send out reminders of who is on which instrument which week)
X --> xkcd.com (possibly my husband and son's favorite techie/cerebral comic strip)
Y --> youtube.com
3 --> 30seconds.blogs.com (huh, my blog - no other numbers come up with anything)

What comes up in your browser with just one letter?

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