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January 12, 2013

Ruined Castle #2: Château Saint-Ulrich (Ribeauvillé, Alsace, France)

Next up: Château Saint-Ulrich, just a little farther along the path. There's a legend about two brothers lived in these two castles, an arrow's shot away from each other on the same hill (for those who speak French). It has to do with hunting, arrows, crossbows, window shutters, and getting up in the morning at the wrong time.


Anyway, in the fog, this castle looked remarkably like the previous one, at first glance:


But it was actually much bigger, with more to explore and see. Though the kids disdained the modern additions of some rough wooden stairs and metal railings for safety. They determined not to touch anything but rock/stone. The fog was particularly impressive here. We couldn't see from one side of the castle to the other. Emily was calling to us from across the way, and we asked her to wave her arms so we'd spot her location, and she replied that she was practically doing jumping jacks already. Thick fog, I tell you.




Again, a very white view from the top of the tower, over the lovely valley and farmland below (I suppose):
Img_3058 Img_3066
Emily found a nice perch:
Jason found some ancient floor supports to conquer:
Img_3090 Img_3095 Img_3098

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