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June 26, 2013

Thoughts during Swiss-German Zumba dance exercise class today (my fourth one ever):

1. Can I make this water bottle last to the end of class?

2. A Swiss cultural thing: we open the doors between each song to let in cool air from outside, and close them during the songs so as not to disturb anyone outside with the loud dance music. Even though we're between a forested river and a busy road & train track and open field. I see how I grew up not wanting to bother anyone. It has stuck with me.

3. I can see the trees at the top of the Albis mountain from the window. Lovely.

4. Sort of a shame in this situation that I understand Spanish and German. I'd rather not know what the Zumba song lyrics are saying, since the Spanish-language ones seem to be mostly about lust & and the German-language one today sounded to be mostly about bribery. I'd rather hear about faithfulness and honor and honesty, personally.

5. Was that left hand, right leg, or right arm, right leg, wait she's already three steps farther on... just give me eight more classes to pick up some of this stuff...

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Just reread your 2005 blog on "Towards a Good Marriage"..a bit like Zumba dancing...sometimes a very fast pace, exciting, and fun...respect for others...a need for fresh air regularly...with music to keep a steady rhythm while sometimes one does not know exactly which body part to move where and when, but always wanting to move in a good healthy direction with lots of laughter! Your mother loves you!

Posted by: Patricia Taylor | Jul 8, 2013 8:59:27 PM

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