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September 21, 2013

Blog & Life Chaos

So my 15-year-old daughter gets papillary thyroid cancer, has a hemi-thyroidectomy under general anaesthesia 12 days after the first visit to a doctor, another hemi-thyroidectomy 11 days later, and radioactive iodine therapy on the way, and THEN I discover that all the  photos on my blog from the past three years are reduced to ugly broken links because they were posted via Posterous, which shut down earlier this year and didn't really send the actual photos to Typepad as it had appeared? What a blow!

I have a zip file with the posts saved from posterous before it shut down, but how to take that and fix the Typepad blog with it... would take some research, time and work and I might not bother. As any K's Café erstwhile reader knows, I don't blog anymore anyway. (This is an exception. :-) )

Interesting, though, to see how Typepad has evolved since I've been away the past three years. Kind of cool how it can now automatically add links for you (all the links in this post [except the soccer one] were automatically suggested to me... and approved manually by me).

To add value to this post, here is a fun-looking new way to play football/soccer encased in big plastic bubbles.

Flumserberg August 2013

Flowers on Flumserberg August 2013

And to redeem the blog photo situation just a tiny bit, here are two non-broken photos, from a lovely mountain excursion to Flumserberg (about an hour from home) with my 18-year-old son last month before he left for a semester in Paris at La Sorbonne.


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Personally, I miss your blog posts, even though I can sometimes catch up to you by phone, and every now and a rare again, in person.
But that is because I am your mother, and God is known for His miracles. I suspect that I am not the only one! xoxoxoxo Mom

Posted by: Patricia Taylor | Nov 3, 2013 4:23:00 AM

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