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February 02, 2014

Momentous Week: Swiss Naturalization Interview, and more

It's been such a significant week that I am driven back to my poor old blog. Hello, there. (It's just too much to write on Facebook.)

To keep a record for posterity, here are some of the wonderful and exciting events that have taken place in our family, all within a few days' time:

- Wednesday, January 29th: Einbürgerungsgespräch! 

David and I finally went in to our local Gemeindehaus to have the much-dreaded Gespräch (Interview/Conversation) with the local authorities about whether we are suitable candidates to receive the Swiss nationality and passport. We had sent in our application back in July 2013, when we finally qualified due to having lived in our village for 5 years (plus my having lived in the country for over 20 years total, due to my many years in Geneva as a child; David and Emily qualify as members of my family who have also lived here 5 years in this village). Then we waited. In August they wanted to know a few more details from us, and to have our sworn statement that we really are married and have no intentions of changing that in the next few years. If the cantonal officials only knew us. Married 21 years and blessed out of our socks by each other. At least, I am, and David tells me it's true for him, too (there's no accounting for taste). Then on January 14th, we got the long-awaited letter telling us to come in 15 days later for The Conversation in German and Swiss-German about Swiss politics and our integration into Swiss society.

- Thursday, January 30th: Jason's residence permit extended and Emily's post-cancer theatrical début!

We had been waiting for a while to hear about the status of our son's residence permit, because although he is our dependent and he is studying, and has no other home, the location of his studies is abroad, so there was some question of what kind of permit they would allow him to have, if any. We had been waiting since last July on this issue as well. But Thursday we received word that his permit has been issued and is on the way to us, arriving within a week. Fantastic! So pleased. It remains to be seen which kind of permit they are giving him, but that's in God's hands.

Later that day, we had the pleasure of seeing Emily perform in the opening night of a classic play at her high school, her post-thyroid-cancer re-début! Hallelujah! She had had to bow out of her role at the beginning of rehearsals for another play in September due to being in and out of the hospital three times and in a long recovery period which kept her away from school for a total of almost 8 weeks of 10th Grade. So this is a victory indeed and a joyous occasion. We thank God profusely that she is 100% back to health (just relying on daily thyroid hormone supplements since she has no more thyroid gland of her own).

- Friday, January 31st: Visit from a dear old friend. My most constant friend from the first day of Kindergarten all the way through 12th Grade came to visit for the weekend to see Emily's play (of which there were three shows)

- Saturday, Feburary 1st: Summer Internship News. We Skyped with our son Jason for the first time since he went back to college for the 2nd half of his Junior Year. It was so good to catch up with two weeks of his news. He shared with us that he was just offered a prestigious internship for next summer. Yay! Thank You, God, all over again, for how you provide so wonderfully and keep blessing us. It's all Your grace!

And Next Up:

- Tomorrow: our very first pastor family ever arrives in Zug! Wow! Our church has been completely run by volunteers for the past 9 years, with a team of elders and "servant leaders" taking turns teaching and leading. This is historic, to have someone taking full-time responsibility for shepherding our ever-growing church family (we need it at this point of growth). Have I mentioned that I'm really thankful to God for His provision?

- In six days we're off to Colorado for Emily's school break, and meeting up with my mom, still skiing at 69! It's just a very exciting two weeks. Glory to God, our Rock, our Shelter, our Provider and Shield, and Lover of our souls.

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