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June 20, 2014

Mediterranean Coast of Israel (Day 2/6)

9 June, Monday: Mediterranean Coast of Israel (Jaffa to Akko), then ending in Tiberias (7 out-of-the-car stops, including long interesting ones at Caesarea and Akko)

- Our private tour guide would prep us on what to look at and take note of, where to take pictures, and then let us out of the car saying things like, "You have a mission. 2 1/2 minutes." Or "Take your time: 7 minutes." It was funny and very helpful in allowing us to see so many amazing things in such a short time. He was really organized, strategic, and no-nonsense, at the same time reminding us that "your wish is my command." Need a private tour guide in Israel? We have one to recommend.

Israel 20140609-12- Jaffa/Joppa/Yafo

• Statue of Jonah's big fish

• Statue of Napoleon

• Egyptian cartouche

• view of Tel Aviv

- Tel Aviv: Hall of Independence (where Declaration of Independence was signed in May 1948).

- Caesarea

Israel 20140609-44• Herod's amphitheatre, hippodrome, palace, aqueduct and freshwater swimming pool by the sea

• climbing sand dune to stand on the aqueduct

• Range Rover driving through the sand to come out at...

 - Village of the Blue Bridge

- Zikron Jakov (walked a block through craft shops, etc. Wine-making village)

- Haifa:

• Arab restaurant on the sea (eggplant tahini, hummus with olive oil, warm pita, rice & lentils ("Majadra"), chicken kebab, beef-lamb sausage)

• Bahai gardens

• Carmelite Monastery (pretty ceiling)

- Akko/Acre:

Israel 20140609-55• tunnels and halls underground

• mosque

• layers of excavations from different eras -- Crusader, Byzantine, Ottoman, etc.

• religious tension between Arabs and Jews (5 days of violence in 2009)

• Souq market with Kanafeh ("Knafeh") delicious orange-colored pastry with goat cheese, many kind of Baklava, Croquante (nuts), Bird's Nest

• Fresh orange juice squeezed on the street
Israel 20140609-60• Arabic Coffee with cardamom

• boys jumping off the tall walls into the sea and climbing up again

• Napoleon with Israeli flag - his first defeat was here in 1799.



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