November 25, 2007

I need a bridge category

I just discovered that Wikipedia has 57 pages of contract bridge convention descriptions! In this case, "conventions" is not referring to big organized conferences where people get together, but rather an agreed-upon way of passing information through bidding.

I am having so much fun playing bridge these days that I just made a new such category for my blog posts here. If you don't know anything about bridge, please feel absolutely free to skip all posts about this. I think my mom and mother-in-law might have fun reading, though, since they like to play bridge and are much more experienced than I. My descriptions of various situations will actually make sense to them. My own view of bridge used to centre more around fear and boredom, but now it's all about glee and challenge - what a lovely transformation, for me, for my husband, my parents, and my in-laws, who all like bridge. All good things come from above (thank You).

Tonight David partnered with Jason, and I with Emily, and we played a few rounds. The following interesting things happened:

1. I had 17 points. Emily, my partner, opened! That was exciting. That meant we had at least 30 points between us (out of a possible 40 in the whole deck). We had fun trying out the Blackwood convention, whereby one asks one's partner how many aces they have. We settled on 5NT (although we had some trouble figuring out how to stop there instead of having it mean a request for information on Kings - we had definite table talk on that issue), and I made one overtrick. It was fun. Not for David, though, who had ZERO points. It wasn't quite a Yarborough, though, as he had a couple of tens.

2. On the very next hand, it was my turn to have zero points, but I far outdid David on the nothingness scale. Not only did I not have any tens, but I didn't have any nines either, and my two highest cards were one 7 and one 8! The rest were six and below! Including the 2 through 7 of clubs! A Super-Sized Yarborough!

Have a great week...

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