March 15, 2009

Pirates of the Caribbean: Nth Time

For her birthday, Emily wanted to see Pirates of the Caribbean (the first one) again.

If you haven't seen it yet, and you plan to, DON'T READ THIS POST - it's FULL OF SPOILERS. Potential Viewers, ye be warned.

As with the last time I watched the Lord of the Rings trilogy, I decided to use the occasion to capture some favorite lines, scenes, and other notes.

Three Scenes I'd just as Soon Skip:
1. The pirates attacking Port Royal - too wantonly, happily, graphically brutal
2. Carousing in Tortuga - ugh!
3. Skeleton crew extendedly in the moonlight - yuck.

Four Island Visits, some of which can be confusing (and three ships to get there)
1. Port Royal (base island)
2. Tortuga (finding a crew for Jack's commandeered ship, the Interceptor)
3. Isla de Muerta, 1st time - with the Black Pearl carrying Elizabeth, and the Interceptor carrying Jack & Will
4. Isla de Muerta, 2nd time - with the Black Pearl carrying Will & Jack, and the Dauntless carrying Elizabeth & Commodore Norrington

Five Great Things About Pirates of the Caribbean: the Curse of the Black Pearl:
1. The MUSIC! I love it, even after all these times.
2. Jack Sparrow's facial and vocal expressions.
3. The dialogue in general - such clever screen-writers. Very entertaining, witty, funny.
4. Will's puppy-like (and then determined and honorable) love towards Elizabeth.
5. Elizabeth's hairstyle in the near-final scene, after the attempted hanging - it's a beautiful sweeping up-do, with curly tendrils and the ocean in the background as she stands by her man. :-)

Five Favorite Scenes:

1. Jack arrives into Port Royal on sinking ship (uniquely funny situation, and introduction to the wonderful music!)

2. Elizabeth feels hot and bothered in the tight dress, while Jack tries to steal the ship, while Norrington becomes Commodore in ceremony...(cool tying together of three simultaneous themes).

3. Will & Jack's sword-fight in the smithy (lines, action, and the music again)

4. View up from underwater, and fish and teal-colored water at the desert island

5. Attempted hanging of Jack ("egregious" crimes read out while Jack laughs to himself at the memory, e.g depravity, degradation, impersonation of a cleric of the Church of England...then Will's forward flip off the gallows, then Jack falling backwards off the cliff, like Elizabeth before, only more on purpose, but still prematurely, in the middle of a sentence. However, now that I think about it, Jack is the personification of unrepentance and self-centeredness, but at the same time so funny and endearing in a way; hmmm, making evil seem good? Same issue with having pirates be the good guys, or likewise in The Italian Job, there are "good" thieves and "bad" thieves - but is there such a thing? We're all deserving of hanging, but Jesus took the curse for us and redeemed us, so if we repent and take our sin and our Maker seriously, we can change the direction of our lives and live for Him instead of ourselves...with His real security, peace and joy - but we can't if we pretend we haven't sinned or it wasn't bad to do so)

18 Favorite Lines:

Governor Swann: Does a father need an occasion to dote upon his daughter?

Elizabeth: It's difficult to say... (when asked how the dress-donning is going - too tight)

Will: At least once more, Miss Swann... as always.

Dock Official: Welcome to Port Royal, Mr. Smith! (to Jack Sparrow, after bribe)

Jack Sparrow: It's such a pretty boat.... ship.

Elizabeth: I can't breathe.        Norrington: Yes, I'm a bit nervous myself. (before she falls off cliff)

Jack: Will you be saving her, then?

Jack to Will: Have I threatened you before?

Will to Jack: You threatened Miss Swann!      Jack: Only a little.

Jack to Will: Move away.        Will: No!          Jack: Please move?

Jack: How's that? The key's run off. (with the dog)

Will: I'd die for her.     Jack: Oh, good.

Jack: That's not much incentive to fight fair, then, is it?

Jack: I know it's difficult for you - but stay here and try not to do anything stupid.

Jack: Inescapably clear.

Barbossa: It's not possible!       Jack: Not probable.

Jack: You can always trust me to be dishonest.

Jack: Or you could surrender...

Two Quiz Questions for those familiar with the movie:

1. How many of the all-important gold coins were there in total?

2. From which ancient civilization did they come?


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February 26, 2009

20 Movie Quotes: Guess the Movie

A bunch of my friends/family on Facebook had fun with this meme of guessing movie titles from quotes from 20 of my favorite movies. So I am posting it again here - but if you already participated on my Facebook note, you're not eligible here. This is for my blog readers who have not seen my note on Facebook about this (and thus seen the answers in the comments).

1. Pick 20 of your favorite movies.
2. Go to IMDB and find a quote from each movie.
3. Post them on your blog for everyone to guess.
4. Strike it out when someone guesses correctly.
5. NO cheating by looking things up, if you don't know any of them then that's just too bad.
6. You don't have to be tagged in this to play - post your guesses in the comments.

1. I feel butter spread over too much bread. (Identified by Sherry)

2. Meet the greatest actor in the world! I'd rather kiss a tarantula.

3. Normal? What do *you* know about normal? What does *anyone* in *this* family know about normal?

4. An avalanche is coming, and I do not feel prepared. (identified by David my beloved; quote corrected by Emily, see the Singing Goat

5. What am I doing? She's not in the refrigerator.

6. Uh, we had a slight weapons malfunction, but uh... everything's perfectly all right now. We're fine. We're all fine here now, thank you. How are you? (Identified by Sherry)

7. So this is your opinion of me. Thank you for explaining so fully. Perhaps these offences might have be overlooked had not your pride been hurt by my honesty... (Identified by Jennifer)

8. - Why can't we sit down like adults and patch this thing up?
- I'm afraid that might become a habit. Then we'd wind up with a patchwork quilt for a marriage.

9. What are you waiting for? You're faster than this. Don't think you are, know you are. Come on. Stop trying to hit me and hit me. (identified by David my beloved)

10. I have not passed through fire and death to bandy crooked words with a witless worm. (Identified by Sherry)

11. Farm boy, polish my horse's saddle. I want to see my face shining in it by morning. (Identified by Sherry)

12. Looking? Found someone, you have, I would say, hmmm? (identified by Sherry on her 2nd guess)

13. - You take care of this car?
- What do you mean?
- Tires felt a little splashy on the way over here.
(identified by David my beloved)

14. Hey look, mister - we serve hard drinks in here for men who want to get drunk fast. (Identified by Sherry)

15. - Boris and Doris?
- Go ahead.
(identified by David my beloved)

16. Please don't interrupt me when I'm asking rhetorical questions.

17. At least once more, Miss Swann, as always. (identified by David my beloved)

18. But, if I don't call in a 98-mile-an-hour fastball, I'm gonna get fired! I'm just saying there's a chance you might get a call on this. (identified by David my beloved)

19. I think my eyes are getting better. Instead of a big dark blur, I see a big bright blur.

20. Certainty of death; small chance of success; what are we waiting for?

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September 26, 2008


The makers of Facing the Giants and Flywheel have come out with their next movie: Fireproof. It apparently comes out tonight in the U.S.

The star, Kirk Cameron, who was famous as a child actor on the sitcom Growing Pains, has a commitment not to kiss any women but his wife, whether onstage or off. So they flew in his real wife for him to kiss for a scene in the movie, shot in silhouette. Is that cool or what? :-)

Here are the articles on Fox News and MSNBC, based on the Today Show interview. And here's a more detailed Cinema Blend interview.

Can't wait until we get to see this movie.

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February 07, 2008

Tired and Hoodwinked

I've been tired lately. Possibly related to the mid-winter Northern Europe darkness and dreary weather. Actually we have had a few sunny hours in the past week, with some lovely blue sky. But the long spells tend to be the overcast ones.

A bright spot in the bleak of February was watching Hoodwinked on DVD with the kids: a really funny, extremely clever, animated movie which retells the story of Little Red Riding Hood with about 100 fantastic twists. Jason, Emily and I all loved it. Anne Hathaway (from Princess Diaries and Ella Enchanted, which we also enjoyed) does the voice of Little Red. There are jokes aplenty which tickled my funny bone as an adult (with oblique references to some interesting scenes from the Matrix and Spiderman and James Bond for those who notice). I think I would have to watch it again to catch more of the varied humor. I can't tell you any more, because the surprises are the best part. The unanimously excellent reviews I read of Hoodwinked on Christian Spotlight convinced me to give the movie a try, and I have to agree with everyone: an excellent family movie for all ages.

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January 24, 2008

Jack Jack Attack

If you liked and remember the great animated movie The Incredibles, you'll love this 4.5 minute installment of what happened to the baby, Jack Jack, during the movie (which we didn't know much about at the time). Very funny and cute. My kids have watched it about ten times. If you haven't seen the Incredibles, don't bother with this, start with that!

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April 14, 2007

Lord of the Rings: My Quotes, Characters, Locations, Etc.

My kids and I did something very naughty. We'd had plenty of social interaction with their grandmother for nine days, plus playdates with friends all afternoon on Thursday, and done plenty of hikes and bike rides and sight-seeing in the two weeks just elapsed... then on our last weekday of spring vacation, we did a Lord of the Rings (LOTR) All Day Marathon. Thankfully, not the extended version. That would probably have killed us. Just the regular version (in English but with French titles & credits (no subtitles), since we bought it in France when living there last year).

Scroll down for my lists of Scenes I'd Just As Soon Skip, Favorite Scenes, Favorite Lines, Why I Like the Characters I Like, Why I Dislike the Characters I Dislike, Three Saddest Events in The Lord of the Rings, Five Favorite Places in The Lord of the Rings, People Erroneously Presumed Dead in Lord of the Rings, and A Major Goof.

We began watching the Fellowship of the Ring (FOTR) about 7:15am in our pajamas, moved on to The Two Towers (TTT) about 10:30am, and finished the Return of the King (ROTK) just shy of 6pm, after ten hours and 45 minutes (we didn't watch the credits). Yikes. We took 9 breaks ranging from two to forty-five minutes, for a total of almost 2 hours off mid-stream:

8am - 10 mins - take D to train (he had been taking his mom to the airport for her flight home)
9am - 2 mins - a phone call
10am - 7 mins - pit stop
10:30am - 4 mins - change DVDs, start 2nd movie
11am - 10 mins - stretch, put clothes in dryer
12:15pm - 21 mins - prepare lunch & bring up to DVD room
2pm - 4 mins - change DVDs, start 3rd movie
3pm - 45 mins - shower, dress, dishes, laundry, tidy house, water new plants in garden
4:15pm - 10 mins - got estimate for window-washing of our two-story house for first time in 8 months (very dirty)

Here's the count of times we've seen the trilogy, as near as I can count:
D: 2
E: 3
J: 5
K: 6

I can't believe it. That's a lot of time. My reasons for watching so many times over the past five years:

1st - curiosity and appreciation of the books, with my husband
2nd - to introduce my son to the movies; he'd also loved the books
3rd - as a requested birthday gift to my son the following year
4th - to introduce my parents to it
5th - in French for the first time, for fun with kids
6th - vacation treat with kids; our first all-day marathon (and last, I should think)

After my third viewing (in 2005), I was inspired to write a post about Good Themes in LOTR. This time I took three pages of notes about likeable and nasty characters, favorite scenes and those I'd rather miss, and favorite lines.

Five Scenes I'd Just As Soon Skip:
One can hardly look away during the whole trilogy, for fear of missing something wonderful, but there were a few moments I didn't care for, though of course they were integral to the plot:
- FOTR: Weathertop Attack; Orc-Making in Isengard
- TTT: The Dead Marshes icky stuff
- ROTK: Transformation of Smeagol into Gollum; Shelob's Cave

My 19 Favorite Scenes
- Gandalf arrives in the Shire; the party
- Sam is found under Frodo's window
- Arwen races the Black Riders
- Running from the Balrog (disintegrating bridge; Gandalf's defiance)
- Boromir's valiant last fight

- Opening snowy mountain scenery
- Aragorn, Legolas & Gimli in pursuit of the orc hobbit-nappers
- Riders of Rohan meet Aragorn, Legolas & Gimli
- Shadowfax arrives; three horses gallop past snowy peaks
- Arrival at Edoras
- Aragorn & Gimli fight at front gate of Helms Deep
- Ents take Isengard, loosing the river

- Lighting of the beacons (beautiful mountains)
- Pippin's song (haunting, beautiful and sad contrasts in imagery and sounds)
- Legolas and the Oliphaunt (yee haw!)
- FOTR reunites (minus Boromir)
- Coronation & Reunion with Arwen
- Back in the Shire (4 hobbits; Sam & Rosie)
- Farewells & ending (still chokes me up the 6th time)

My 60 Favorite Lines - how many are thanks to Tolkien and how many to the screenwriters, I'm not sure; I also may not have them exactly right as we didn't pause the movies for my transcription
FOTR (16)
- Gandalf: A wizard is never late, Frodo Baggins. Nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to. (reminds me of God)
- Bilbo: I feel butter spread over too much bread.
- Gandalf to Saruman: Tell me, friend - when did Saruman abandon reason for madness?
- Watchman at Bree, to Frodo: It's my job to ask questions after nightfall. (shortly before being squashed by the Black Riders)
- Merry to Pippin: This, my friend, is a pint.
- Aragorn to Frodo: Not nearly frightened enough; I know what hunts you.
- Elrond: Our list of allies grows thin.
- Pippin: Right. Where are we going? (after cheerily and blindly joining the FOTR for their terrible mission)
- Gandalf: All we have to do is decide what to do with the time that is given us.
- Boromir: They have a cave troll. (his tone of voice is funny)
- Gandalf: Fly, you fools! (I believe we see this clip three times in the trilogy, due to recaps)
- Saruman to Urukhai: Bring them to me alive...and unspoiled. (Helpful, since some of the orcs later want to eat their legs off)
- Frodo to Boromir: You are not yourself.
- Frodo to Aragorn: Can you protect me from yourself?
- Frodo: I'm going alone. / Sam: Of course you are. And I'm going with you. [...] I made a promise, Mr. Frodo...
- Aragorn: Let us hunt some orc.

TTT (20)
- Gimli: We dwarves are natural sprinters - very dangerous over short distances.
- Merry: I think we might have made a mistake leaving the Shire, Pippin.
- Legolas to Eomer: You would die before your stroke fell. (fiercely defending Gimli's life & honor)
- Pippin: Don't talk to it, Merry. Don't encourage it. (About Treebeard)
- Gollum: Nice Hobbit.
- Gandalf: I come back to you the turn of the tide.
- Eowyn to Wormtongue: Your words are poison.
- Gandalf to Wormtongue: I have not passed through fire and death to bandy crooked words with a witless worm.
- Gandalf to Theoden: Breathe the free air again, my friend.
- Gandalf: 300 lives of men I have walked this earth, and now I have no time.
- Eowyn: So few men have returned...
- Faramir to Frodo (about Sam): Your bodyguard? / Sam: His gardener.
- Faramir (about Gollum): He had an ill-favored look. (Talk about an understatement)
- Gollum to Smeagol: I told you he was tricksy.
- Faramir: A chance for Faramir, Captain of Gondor, to show his quality.
- Upon Aragorn's return from supposed death, Gimli: Where is he? I'm going to kill him. / Legolas: You're late. You look terrible.
- Theoden: Look at my men. Their courage hangs by a thread.
- Legolas to Gimli: Shall I describe it to you, or would you like me to find you a box? (Gimli is too short to see the battle field outside the castle walls at Helm's Deep)
- Treebeard: A wizard should know better. (about Saruman felling the trees) / The Last March of the Ents.
- Sam: Folks in those stories had lots of chances to turn back, only they didn't.

ROTK (24)
- Gandalf to Shadowfax: Show us the meaning of haste.
- Gandalf: In fact, it's better if you don't speak at all, Peregrin Took.
- Gandalf: It's the deep breath before the plunge.
- Theoden: Muster the Rohirrim...Make haste across the Riddermark...summon every able-bodied man...
- Gandalf: Courage is the best defense you have left now.
- Faramir: If I should return, think better of me, father. (such a sad plea)
- Gollum: Fat hobbit is always so polite. (sarcastic)
- Faramir: Where does my allegiance lie if not here?
- Gandalf: Your father loves you. He will remember it before the end.
- Elrond: Put aside the ranger; become the man you were born to be.
- King of the Dead: The dead do not suffer the living to pass. / Aragorn: You will suffer me!
- Gollum to Frodo at Shelob's cave: Go in! / Frodo: Now that I'm here, I don't think I want to.
- Denethor: Peregrin, son of Paladin, I release you from my service. Go now and die in what way seems best to you.
- Gandalf: So passes Denethor, son of Ecthelion. (yay)
- Gandalf: The journey doesn't end here. Death is just another path, one that we all must take.
- Gimli: May the best dwarf win. (speaking to an elf)
- Theoden: I go to my fathers, in whose mighty company I shall not now feel ashamed.
- Sam: Let's just make it down the hill for starters.
- Gimli: Certainty of death; small chance of success; what are we waiting for?
- Aragorn: A day may come when the courage of men fails [...] but it is NOT THIS DAY! [...] This day we fight! By all that you hold dear on this good earth, I bid you, stand, Men of the West!
- Sam: I can't carry it for you, but I can carry you!
- Aragorn: This day does not belong to one man... (at his own coronation)
- Aragorn: My friends, you bow to no one. (then everyone kneels to the hobbits)
- Gandalf: I will not say, "Do not weep," for not all tears are an evil. (to Sam, Merry and Pippin at the departure of Gandalf, Bilbo and Frodo on the elf ship)

Why I Like the Characters I Like
FOTR onwards:
- Gandalf: Makes me feel safe. Wise, self-controlled, sacrificial.
- Sam: Innocent, loyal, perseverant, tender, loving, brave, doesn't give up.
- Aragorn: Makes me feel safe. Knowledgeable, savvy, experienced, brave, humble.
- Arwen: Brave, skillful, honest, kind, encouraging, supportive, generous. Gives of her own strength to help others succeed.
- Legolas: Pure, unafraid, untainted, skillful.

TTT onwards:
- Eomer: honorable, valiant.
- Eowyn: brave, pure, steadfast.
- Treebeard: safe, steady, thoughtful, powerful.
- Faramir: I feel sorry for him. So badly and undeservedly dissed by his father. Tries so hard to please him. Tough. Willingly faces the consequences for doing the right thing (letting the ringbearer go).
- Aragorn: faithful to Arwen while far from her and tempted by another appealing candidate (who would be suitable in character, skill, beauty, and position, not to mention race and location), even in his uncertainty as to Arwen's choice and destination.

- Theoden: Finally does something really good, by responding to Gondor's plea for aid with, "And Rohan will answer."
- Eomer: Loyal, dedicated, tough, focussed, serious.
- Gandalf: Takes appropriate and swift action, unafraid of what people think.
- Sam: Super brave and loyal despite rejection.
- Pippin: Saves Faramir's life. Good singer.

Why I Dislike the Characters I Dislike
FOTR onwards:
- Gollum: Yucky voice, yucky body, evil motives, selfish.
- Black Riders: Pure evil, scary, dark, cruel destructors
- Saruman: Corrupt, standing with evil, traitor, gave up
- Orcs: Gross, crass, mean
- Cave troll in Moria: Yuck!
- Urukhai: Ugly, evil

TTT onwards:
- Wormtongue: Ewwwww! Treacherous, deceitful, slimy, two-tongued usurper (what a great name for him)

- Smeagol & Gollum: So easily obsessed and led to murdering best friend. Deceiver, sowed division.
- Denethor: Horrible, selfish, assuming the worst, navel-gazer, power-hungry, greedy, no sense of propriety, no mercy
- Pig-orc at Os Giliath: Ugh!
- Shelob: Icky!

Three Saddest Events in The Lord of the Rings
1. Frodo to Sam: Go home.
2. Faramir: You wish now that our places had been exchanged, that I had died and Boromir had lived?
    Denethor: Yes, I wish that.
3. Aragorn to Eowyn: I cannot give you what you seek.
(I see the pattern now; these are all deep rejections from people of high esteem to the hearers)

Five Favorite Places in The Lord of the Rings
- The Shire: green and friendly, peaceful and busy, playful and hard-working
- Rivendell: an oasis of safety, pretty waterfalls
- Loth Lorien: safe but eerie (but safe!)
- Snowy mountaintops in all the atmospheric shots
- Edoras: pretty surroundings, very romantic hilltop

People Erroneously Presumed Dead in Lord of the Rings
1. Frodo: briefly, due to cave troll's spear to the chest (yay Mithrail chainmail)
2. Gandalf: for a long time (especially for Frodo), due to Balrog in the Mines of Moria
3/4. Merry and Pippin: orc bonfire
5. Aragorn: fall with Warg off of cliff
(this pattern of mistaken grief stood out a lot at this viewing)

The most major goof I can see in the trilogy, non-extended version
In the fight at the Black Gate near the very end, the good guys all arrive on horses, ride up to the gate to issue the challenge on horses, and then all of a sudden they are all on foot, with no horses to be seen, for the whole fight, without explanation. What happened to their horses? Some people discuss this in a forum. It is listed in IMDB as a goof. Someone suggested it is resolved in the extended version with Shadowfax leading the horses to safety before the battle begins? If so, that's sweet. Emily was noticing how much horseback riding there is in LOTR.

I am amazed to say I would watch these three movies again, even after these six times. Probably not all in one day again, though! These are high-quality movies based on a time-tested book with worthy themes by a high-quality author. Good stuff. I'd like to read the books again, but it would take a LOT longer than a day!

Finally: watch The Lord of the Rings in 5 seconds. Ha!

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March 23, 2007


The blossoms on the magnolia tree and the rhododendron bush have faded.

It snowed yesterday morning, only sticking to very cold things like cars and parts of roofs, colder patches of soil and corners of driveways. Emily was grumpy that it could be snowing and she would still have to go to school, where they don't let you throw snow or run on the snowy grass (which makes you slip in the mud anyway, even if you could). It had all melted by mid-morning.

Today it's overcast and gloomy outside, and the daffodils are bent over, dejected.

But Emily's having a friend over after school, and Jason is going to a double 13th birthday party tonight for two girls in his grade - the entire 7th grade is invited, and it's a disco-type party. The four parents will be in attendance, I was glad to hear. One of them is Jason's Theatre Tech teacher at school, and also teaches drums, which makes him very cool indeed, I suppose. One family is British and the other Canadian. Jason has been in a school play with one of the girls, but I don't even know what the other looks like.

If this post sounds down in the mouth, it could be partly because I saw "Becoming Jane" at the cinema yesterday with some friends, and it depressed me. It did make me extra-thankful for what I have in my own real life, but it also made me very sad for Jane. I realize that a bunch of the storyline was dreamed up, but some of it was true.

Looking upward towards Hope and Glory, here are my five favorite verses of the past seven weeks:

"In Your unfailing love you will lead the people You have redeemed."
Exodus 15:13

"You are God my Savior, and my hope is in You all day long."
Psalm 25:5

"My times are in Your hands."
Psalm 31:15

"How precious to me are Your thoughts, O God! How vast is the sum of them!"
Psalm 139:17

"If anyone is thirsty, let him come to Me and drink."
John 7:37

Glug, glug, glug. Ahhhhhhh.

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August 27, 2006

Six Busy Days

BuckinghampalacelawnWent into busy, noisy, dirty, crowded, overload central London (can you tell I'm not a big city person?) to visit the Queen's domicile. Buckingham Palace was lovely, and seeing Queen Elizabeth II's 80 sparkly, pearly, silky, velvety, long gowns and her incredible jewellery was lots of fun. No photographs allowed inside the building. You'll just have to go yourself. Great to see our longtime friend from Switzerland, who toured with us, and told us of her recent adventures in Peru and the Galapagos.

This is a shot of the rear lawn of Buckingham Palace, after the interior part of our tour.
TraintoworkHad lunch with David at his office for the first time and got to see where he sits all day, as well as experience his train commute route with him. It's a long way (over an hour each way, if you count the walking, door to door), but as David points out, he gets "alone time" in the midst of all those people he doesn't know, and has guaranteed time to read his Bible, pray, and chill. The fast walking on either end of the train ride also provides a little daily exercise, which he didn't use to have when he drove to work in California and France.

This photo shows the train station and main road railway crossing in our little town in Berkshire, England, looking towards London. We are really glad we are on the same side of the railway line as our school, so we don't have to wait for the trains to pass in the mornings on our way to school.

Took the kids to Orientation Day at their new school. By this time there were three sick people in the house: David, Jason, and me. Thankfully, Emily was as boppy as ever. After Jason's 2 hours at school, he practically collapsed into the car under the power of his cold.

Took the kids to their first two days of school in England. I am so proud of them and the way they tackled yet another new school system in another new country with all new teachers and classmates and materials. On the way there in the morning, Emily said, "I love the first day of school! It's so tense and good!" I guess that sums up her personality. Jason was calmly determined and focussed. And the days went well, as God answered all my prayers for a good beginning.

Went shopping for all the extra school necessities we weren't told about until school started and the kids met their teachers. Discovered a huge new (to me) shopping center 15 minutes away that I hadn't known existed, in a town I'd heard of but never been to yet. The shopping center has three sports goods stores (for P.E. needs like shin guards and hockey socks and navy shorts), at least three bookstores (for reading material for the Book Challenge in Language Arts class), various stationers (for notebooks, binders, and a cross-cut shredder - the latter a home need!), electronics stores, department stores, a farmer's market on Saturdays, several grocery stores and drugstores (chemists as they are called here), lots of cafés and restaurants, and a zillion other businesses which I have yet to discover because the kids were tired and needed to go home.

Battled this cold that is still hanging on. Now it seems possible that David has a sinus infection beginning. :-( He's resting as much as possible. Which means on the weekends. Fortunately we have a three-day weekend right now ("Late Summer Bank Holiday" - over here it seems several of the official holidays don't even celebrate anything, or have a reason - but we're still thankful for them!). Jason seems to be all better (thank You, God!), I'm mostly better, and Emily's still the image of health and vitality.

Rewatched Frequency, with Dennis Quaid and Jim Caviezel. Dennis Quaid often plays such nice guys (The Rookie, the Parent Trap, Frequency...). You think from watching movies like these that the guy himself is a faithful husband and so on, then you look him up on imdb and find he's on his third wife and was engaged to someone else in the meantime, and he was addicted to cocaine, and the illusion rightfully bursts. I just can't imagine the extent of the awful stresses and pressures of being famous.

Funny, I could have sworn I saw this movie about 15 years ago, but now I discover it only came out in 2000. Wow. How come I've seen it before and David hasn't? Maybe I saw it on a plane or at my mom's or when he was on a business trip. And about Jim Caviezel...when I first saw this movie, I had no idea who he was, and didn't remember his name or that he was in this movie...but this time around, of course, I know him as JESUS in the Passion of the Christ. Wow, that's a different feeling! Anyway, I really liked Frequency again (it features a happily married couple who are still in love years later - that's my kind of movie), despite the fact it is a bit gruesome (caveat viewer).

Today we've decided to visit another new church - with a congregation that meets at 5pm about 15 minutes away. It's hard to make a choice on a church around here in August, since the children's ministries are mostly shut down to give the workers a break. So we're just enjoying meeting new people and joining in with the worship at various places, but knowing that we won't be settling down until a few weeks into September, when we can find out more about what the kids' environment will be like during the year. This has become more of a central issue for me now that the kids are older. I found in France that I was happy where the kids were happy. Because if they're happily engaged and learning about the Lord, I can concentrate on worshipping and learning, too.

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April 01, 2006

Movie Quotes; Soccer Balls for Iraqi Kids

My cousin-in-law Angie posted her five movie quotes that came to mind. I could only identify ONE! With a couple haphazard guesses and two flat out I have no ideas.
Can you do better?

Lieutenant K at Wordsmith at War posted about the joy of a humanitarian mission to bring supplies to children in Iraq.

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That Thing You Do!

What a GREAT movie! I just watched this (better ten years late than never), based on a recommendation from Semicolon Sherry. It ranks at #92 on her 105 best movies of all time:

92. That Thing You Do! (1996) Tom Hanks directs and and has a small role in this film about a one-hit rock band called the Oneders (WON-ders) and their meteoric rise to fame. This one is so good because it's a rare occurrence these days, a film for teenagers and adults that's clean and fun.

In the special features, Tom Hanks says he hopes people will find the movie to be a "refreshing change of pace." As I explained to my 11-year-old, it sure is, because a director realized that a great movie suitable for both older kids and adults could be made, with lots of humor and super music, without adding all the yucky stuff that is so unnecesssary (sex, bad language, and violence).

Reasons I enjoyed the movie:
1. I love drums
2. I love that catchy tune
3. It made me laugh a lot
4. It's mostly upbeat and fun
5. Really well cast (I like Tom Hanks, but I also liked all the other actors/tresses)
6. We got to see ARWEN (Liv Tyler) in another movie! No elven ears, though. But I guess it was five years earlier; they must have grown pointy after she finished filming this one.
7. It was clean enough to watch with our 11-year-old son; he loved it, too. Always looking for movies like that.
8. It gives the opportunity with the closing blurbs to consider which is more rewarding: being happily married and having kids, or being rich or famous or self-important (it's pretty clear!)
9. It mentions Bainbridge Island, where a dear friend lives

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