February 14, 2009

God Knew What to give me for Valentine's Day

More snow.

An oh-so-friendly and soft kitty cat who hangs out with us but we don't have to take care of or let in the house.

A back yard.


JECubSnow Mix together and you get: playtime with kitty in the snow. Seriously, she likes it. She's very social and her owners appear to be away for the week. So she's full-time at our place. Napping in the winter garden, being patted, eating, drinking, playing in the snow with us. She's ever so well-behaved.

Where is My Actual Human Valentine during all this, you might ask? Baking me his traditional, multi-step, complicated (but worth it, indeedy) cookies in between battling the flu with naps and Tylenol. Aw. We'll see if the flu lets him get to the last step of a final product today or not. I brought him up some freshly blended banana-strawberry-blueberry-vanilla yogurt smoothie this morning; hopefully pumping him full of vitamins to fight with.

DrSeussSnowTower Happy Valentine's Day to you - may you know that you are loved with an enormous love today, by the one who fashioned you in the womb before anyone else knew you. Hopefully by some other people too, but that's a good start anyway. :-)

Some favorite music today, from the Windham Hill Windows album:

In Flight - by Michael Allen Harrison
Children's Song - by Øystein Sevåg
A Morning with the Roses - by Richard Dworsky
If you Believe - by Jim Brickman

I shoveled the driveway for the third day running today - and it's been lightly snowing all day. Have I mentioned that I love snow? I love shoveling it, looking at it, playing in in, sledding and skiing on it, touching it, noticing it, living where it can occur... yesterday I measured the snow in the back yard with a firm ruler and found 18cm / 7" !

And for my last comment: watch Kit Kittredge - it's a lovely movie for kids, with
- Julia Ormond (of the 1995 Sabrina with Harrison Ford)
- Abigail Breslin (from Nim's Island and The Ultimate Gift)
- Stanley Tucci (of The Terminal)
- Joan Cusack
- an actor from the Princess Bride whom you will recognize before you see him.

Some other fun surprises. Don't read too much about it.

CubByJCloseUpSnowECubSnow CubSnowBackYardTowers 
P.S. Photo credit of the close-up kitty shot goes to Jason. Thanks, J!

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February 13, 2009

Snow, Heart and Cat

Shoveled the snow again today
Shoveled a path for a cat
The cat's not even a cat of mine
How tender a heart is that?

KHeartDSnowLangnauYesterday I trudged a heart in the snow
A heart with a 'K' and a 'D'
Today I find there are prints in the heart
Paws of a cat do I see

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October 09, 2008

Cows, Meadows, Snowy Peaks Afar...

Sorry for those who prefer Flickr to Picasaweb...I've put some more photos up on Picasaweb.

See photos I've taken recently of Cows, Green Meadows, Autumn Foliage, Snowy Peaks Faroff, Garden Flowers...


Jason's been working on his school newspaper and hopes to get the first edition of the year distributed today. 28 pages! A lot of students have contributed articles, which is fun. Jason's been doing all the editing and layout, with the help of a 12th grader who knows the computer program. I can't wait to see the result.

Emily's been writing a research paper on the Legacy of Ancient Roman Medical Practices! It was very interesting to listen to her read it aloud as I cooked ratatouille for the first time last night. I made crêpes with ratatouille filling (for the adults), and regular ham, potatoes and cheese/goat cheese for the young'uns. I don't know what got into me - I also baked an apple pie. And the day before I baked a banana cake with chocolate glaze between the layers (with banana slices) and on top (with sliced almonds). Yummy. I made chick pea and vegetable curry the night before last, and plan for chicken-mushroom-cocout milk curry tonight. It's been a good culinary week!

A wonderful new friend who is in our Moms in Touch prayer group has asked me if I'd like to be her prayer partner for general prayer as well (at Moms in Touch we only pray for our kids and the school), and we plan to walk and pray (if the weather is good) starting after October break. I am very blessed and excited, as I loved having prayer partners in England, and it's a great way to deepen a friendship, not to mention bring more peace and joy into my life.

We're excited to head off to France and Germany and francophone Switzerland next week for the school break. Maybe we'll even make it to Liechstenstein by the end of the week. Amazing the places you can get by car within a couple of hours of here!

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October 05, 2008

Red, Orange - More Swiss Autumn Glory

I am loving the fall foliage here in the Zurich and Zug area:RedleavesOrangeleavesvert

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September 09, 2008

Love in the Clouds

God can show his Love in more ways than one. David was on a retreat with the men of our new church this weekend, in the Italian part of Switzerland, at a lake. One afternoon, one of the guys (all rights belong to Clement, kudos to him) took this photo. What a Sculptor we serve!


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September 07, 2008

Can you find any relationship between these two photos?


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May 15, 2008


Parsley Before and After:

Amazing what some water can do. Same for my spirit - I drink in God's strong refreshing words and my arms raise in thanksgiving.

For I will pour water on the thirsty land, and streams on the dry ground; I will pour out my Spirit on your offspring, and my blessing on your descendants.
Isaiah 44:3

They drank from the spiritual rock that accompanied them, and that rock was Christ.
1 Corinthians 10:4

You gave abundant showers, O God; you refreshed your weary inheritance.
Psalm 68:9

I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint.
Jeremiah 31:25

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May 14, 2008

May is the Month for Rhododendrons & Azaleas

Lovely walks in Windsor Great Park's Flower "Punchbowl" and Savill Garden with my mom and her husband last week:

Used Big Huge Labs' "Mosaic Maker" for this, thanks to the tip from photographer friend Susan Keller.

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April 13, 2008

Plentiful Hail

Hail3We've had an unusual amount of hail in the past few weeks. It's pretty cool to look at.

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January 27, 2008

Simultaneous Seasons

All seen on our street Friday: Red, Yellow, and Green blazing at once. Looks like Autumn and Spring happening simultaneously.

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