June 02, 2007

Volunteering - 2nd Try

I went for my second hospital volunteering visit this week. So much better than last week, for the following ten reasons at least:

1. I got more sleep the night before.
2. I knew where to go.
3. I didn't bring as much stuff.
4. I had already met the staff.
5. I knew where the whiteboard was with all the patients' names and room/bed numbers.
6. I knew not to sit down at an awkward twisted angle for any length of time.
7. Five of the patients were repeats from last week's chats, and they recognized me and vice versa and were happy to see me again.
8. I was able to talk with a blind lady and noticed she had a big crucifix around her neck, which made for an easy way to ask if she'd like to hear any scripture, and I got to read Psalm 139 aloud to her.
9. One lady asked me to pray with her, and another, when I asked if I could pray for her, responded, "Please."
10. I lasted through the three hours without wanting to leave, and left the ward quietly praising God in song.

Before leaving the house in the morning, I had asked my husband to pray for my morning, and he did (while hugging me). I'm going to have to remember to request this every week. Also, in the car on the way to the hospital, I was asking God to confirm whether I was in the right place, doing the right thing - I feel numbers 8-10 on the list were His answer.

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May 23, 2007

Survived First Day of Hospital Volunteering

Thanks for all the encouragement in the comments - I made it through my first morning of visiting patients at the local hospital. I thought it went quite well, although I was exhausted near the end of the three hours. This may be because smiling non-stop or giving enthusiastic or empathetic facial expressions constantly for that length of time is tiring. It may be because of the intense listening and looking into people's eyes and giving them my full attention, and introducing myself so many times, not knowing whether the patients wanted company or not. Or it may be more as a result of going to bed after 1am last night. Oops. Not the best preparation. However, I had to get plans firmed up for our little trip to the Alps this weekend - Memorial Day Weekend in the U.S. happens to be a holiday here in the U.K. as well (just called Late May Bank Holiday, not for any particular reason).

Husband is calling me to bed - I always like to answer that call, and especially tonight given last night's anomaly. Off I go!

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